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2021 IPOs Are Selling Off

2021 IPOs Are Selling Off

With a record number of IPOs in 2021, not all were a success. Actually, most weren't.

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  • Nearly 400 traditional IPOs, along with an additional 600 special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACs), occurred in 2021, representing ~$316 billion in deal value

  • Two-thirds of the companies that went public in the U.S. in 2021 are now trading below their IPO prices.

  • In the first eight months of the year, IPO shares rose. In November, 2021’s class of IPOs was trading up 12% on average, according to Dealogic. By late December, they traded 9% below their IPO prices.

  • Investors fear interest-rate increases are going to happen sooner rather than later which is currently curbing the appetite for riskier assets.

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