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How Much is Each "Subscriber" Worth?

How Much is Each "Subscriber" Worth?

Investors believe in subscription services, but putting hefty valuations on companies has shown its cracks

Enterprise Value per Subscriber

Source: Company financials. *Starts at 6/1/21, **10/27/21, ***1/20/21.
Source: Company sites and financials.
  • With high growth startups taking a beating over the last year, premiums investors have put on valuations for subscriber growth have shown their cracks

  • High flyers like Rent the Runway RENT 0.00%↑, Hims HIMS 0.00%↑, and Bark BARK 0.00%↑, saw their EV “dollar amount” per subscriber crater 85%, 89%, and 90% respectively since they went public

  • Seeing the difference between these two dates shows just how euphoric the market was during peak COVID

  • When looking at other subscription service stocks, it’s best to use this metric to sense check how much investors are placing on each subscriber for how much they actually charge

  • Introducing you to this metric can also help you get creative with other metrics in other industries where similar KPIs exist

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